Rea Garvey’s ClearWater Journey

Rea Garvey is a singer songwriter whose roots are planted firmly in Irish soil. Like many of his landsmen he went abroad to seek his fortune. After his first breakthrough in 2000 with the single “Supergirl” he toured Europe and started what has been over a decade of success having sold millions of CD’s and played before as many people. Rea himself would claim that his greatest success has not been in music but in the achievements of his Saving an Angel Foundation. Saving an Angel was established in the wake of his early success and has raised substantial funds for children’s organizations throughout the world. Rea Garvey in the Amazon After meeting Mitch Anderson (ClearWater Director) in Berlin in 2011, Rea became aware of the struggles of the indigenous people in Ecuador and soon traveled with his wife Josephine to the country’s northern Amazon region. There they met with indigenous communities who have suffered devastating impacts from decades of oil pollution. After this visit, Saving an Angel made a commitment to support the work of Clearwater. In his own words, Rea says:
Clearwater is a project trying to provide the people affected by oil pollution in Ecuador with clean drinkable water. I was amazed by the unjust treatment of some of the world’s greatest people and how unaware I had been of their call for help in the past. When you see injustice, it is difficult to know what to do at first but after meeting with the many Chiefs of the tribes and talking to them at some length I knew that I wanted to become involved. And so my ClearWater journey began and I am proud of all that we have achieved together so far.
Having raised much awareness and funding for the ClearWater Project in Rea’s second home, Germany, he continues the campaign for ClearWater:
Our goal of providing all of the approximately 2000 indigenous families with clean water is in sight. The remaining battle to provide all families affected by oil pollution in Ecuador is still before us and for that we need continued support throughout the world. I feel a personal responsibility for these people who have become my friends, and I am a very loyal friend. Our wish is to provide a ClearWater unit for every affected family in order to eradicate the sickness and death caused by the use of polluted water. The hope is with this newfound health these great people will be able to defend their human rights and be strong enough to continue the fight against the injustice that has befallen them. One of the best ways to put yourself in their shoes is to start the sentence with, “How would I feel if someone poisoned my family, destroyed my home and stole my right to life?” I’m sure your answer is the same that motivates all of us at ClearWater. God Bless!
In recognition of his work with ClearWater, Rea Garvey was recognized with a GreenTec Award in 2013. The Work Continues!

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About Saving an Angel Foundation

Saving an Angel FoundationFounded by Rea Garvey, Saving an Angel foundation is focused on the primary goal of bettering the lives of children in need. For ten years Saving an Angel has been raising and implementing funds to secure a better future for children today, but we continue our work because there are many more children in need. Throughout the years we have supported great organizations such as Dunkleziffer e.v., Kinder Not Hilfe (Children in Need), Die Arche and the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Minsk to name but a few. Our role in this work has been raising financial support and awareness for these organizations. The Clearwater project was founded under the umbrella of Saving an Angel in 2011 in Ecuador. ClearWater aims to provide every indigenous family across the oil-ravaged region of Ecuador’s northern Amazon with a clean source of drinking water, so that children will no longer suffer from birth defects, cancer, and other oil-related illness due to exposure to contaminated water.