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The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s most important ecosystems and home to the largest remaining tropical rainforest on the planet. In Ecuador’s northern Amazon, the integrity of water resources, forest ecosystems, and indigenous culture are inextricably connected.

Indigenous territory encompasses the last intact tracts of wilderness in this region. The indigenous nationalities here – the Cofan, Siona, Secoya, Kichwa and Waorani – inhabit a tenuous position, their communities threatened daily by outsiders’ hunger for petroleum, illegal timber, and palm oil. Their physical and cultural survival hinges upon safe access to clean water, in a region where their ancestral waterways have been poisoned for decades.

ClearWater was founded with one big goal: provide every indigenous family with sustainable access to clean water in a region where oil drilling and ensuing industrialization has contaminated local water supplies and driven steady deforestation for 50 years.

Since its establishment in late 2011, ClearWater has built more than 500 family-sized rainwater harvesting systems, providing safe access to clean water for thousands of people. On this foundation of clean water, health, and dignity, and together with the indigenous communities and supporters around the world, we have built something more: the foundation of a movement for rainforest protection and cultural survival. Please join us.

ClearWater in Rumipamba

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