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Meet the Amazon Tribespeople Who Beat Chevron in Court—but Are Still Fighting for Clean Water

(Photo: Alexander Zaitchik)   This article has been reposted. Original content for the publication can be found at Find the link at: By Alexander Zaitchik Alexander Zaitchik is a freelance writer based in New Orleans. He has written for The New Republic, The Nation, Salon, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, and many others. With the judgment […]

Huangana: Bounty of the Forest

By Alex Goff, Field Coordinator Waorani can smell a pack of huangana, or white-lipped peccary, before any of the animals have even appeared, and even after they have passed. Huangana travel in large packs, with sometimes as many as 80 or 100 animals. For the hunting cultures of the Amazon, huangana embody the bounty of […]

Miwaguno and Tobeta: The Need For Water

By Alex Goff, Field Coordinator Along the Via Pindo, amid a snaking network of oil roads, mestizo farmer communities, Shuar and Kichwa villages, oil wells and company outposts, sit the Waorani communities of Miwaguno and Tobeta. This is block 14, operated by the Chinese oil company Andes Petrol, a seemingly lawless land on the frontier […]

Ocata and Moipa Nihua: Two Generations of Waorani

  Ocata and Moipa are father and son, members of the Waorani Nationality. In many ways they embody the contemporary story of the Waorani: a strong and proud hunting culture that controlled the largest territory of Ecuador’s Amazonian peoples, first contacted by missionaries in 1956, resistant to that contact but eventually succumbing to the inevitable […]

Visiting Yawepare and Clean Water for the Amazon

By Alex Goff, International Field Coordinator It’s a long trip from the Amazonian city of Coca to the Waorani community of Yawepare on the edge of Yasuní National Park in Ecuador, much longer than the actual distance would seem to indicate. After almost an hour at high speeds along a paved portion of the Via […]