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Building Rainwater Catchment Systems in a Kichwa Community

By Alex Goff, Field Coordinator Before a day of physical labor in the Amazon, it’s customary for the Kichwa people to follow breakfast with a huge bowl of chicha, a thick, slightly fermented yucca beverage. Chicha wards off hunger until the next meal, whenever that may be, and provides a buzz that adds a hop […]

Remediation in Rumipamba

The Kichwa community of Rumipamba has been at the epicenter of Texaco’s contamination in the region and the 20-year legal battle to bring the company to justice. Rumipamba community member Maria Aguinda is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the company. As a result of Texaco’s operations, local water sources are highly polluted and […]

Salome Chuquitarco: 30 Years in Rumipamba

Unlike the majority of Rumipamba’s founding community members, Salome did not move to the area from one of the Kichwa communities near Tena. She and her husband José and their children moved from the highland city of Latacunga over 30 years ago. The government was offering land at a low price, and for once they […]