Meet the Community Technicians: (5) Hurlem Piaguaje

Name: Hurlem Piaguaje Age: 22 Nationality: Secoya Community: San Pablo de Catëtsiayá Role: Community technician Hurlem is one of the three young community technicians of ClearWater. Energetic and always smiling, Hurlem keeps everybody on their toes. His work has shown that he is a quick learner, and highly adaptable. He looks forward to the future […]

Meet the Community Technicians: (4) Celio Piaguaje

Name: Celio Piaguaje Age: 40 Nationality: Siona Community: Sototsiayá Role: Community technician Meet Celio Piaguaje, Siona technician from the community Sototsiayá. At age 40, Celio stands as one of the most experienced workers in the group. Dedicated to agriculture his entire life, Celio truly knows the meaning of hard work. Every day during construction, Celio […]

Meet the Community Technicians: (3) Gonzálo Criollo

Name: Gonzálo Criollo Age: 36 Nationality: Cofán Community: Dureno Role: Senior Community Technician Gonzálo Criollo is the son of renowned Cofán shaman Rufino Criollo, and brother of Cofán musicians Silverio and Claus Criollo. Culture and arts run in his family, but Gonzalo has chosen another path: working with his hands. As a senior technician, Gonzálo […]

Meet the Community Technicians: (2) Teófilo Mendúa

Name: Teófilo Mendúa Age: 43 Nationality: Cofán Community: Dureno Role: Senior Community Technician Meet Teófilo Mendúa, one of the senior Cofán technicians in the ClearWater project. Like many of his Cofán neighbors, Teófilo moved to Ecuador from Colombia. In the Cofán community of Dureno, Teófilo has found a more tranquil landscape where he has been […]

Meet the Community Technicians: (1) Armando Piaguaje

Name: Armando Piaguaje Age: 41 Nationality: Secoya Community: San Pablo Role: Secoya Project Coordinator Armando Piaguaje is the project coordinator of the Secoya community of San Pablo. Known for his strong communication and interpersonal skills, Armando has already worked on several projects for his community. Born in Peru, Armando moved to Ecuador at the age […]

Purchasing materials for the Secoya community of San Pablo

Weeks after the completion of 51 systems in the Cofán community of Dureno, The ClearWater project is now continuing with efforts to bring clean water to the remaining communities affected by oil contamination in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon. San Pablo de Catëtsiaya is the largest community of the Secoya nationality of Ecuador and the next […]

Working in Cofán Dureno

Obtaining and drinking safe water can be achieved in a number of ways, but for the people of the northeastern Ecuadorian Amazon, rainwater catchment units are the best immediate solution. They are relatively affordable, durable and can be constructed by any trained technician with access to basic tools. In the Pilot project of Dureno, it […]

The Cofán Community of Dureno – Past and Present

“This is what I have chosen, the best place in the forest, because there are different varieties of hunting game and fish, plants for medicine and crafts, because the soil is sandy and you can walk while avoiding pain on your feet. For this reason, we have to protect this place from colonizers, because one […]

18 Years of Fighting Oil

Lago Agrio, Ecuador – The sprawl of scorched pavement and crumbling cement buildings in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This city, once a small oil boom town founded by Texaco in the late 1960s (and given, appropriately, the name “Sour Lake” after Texaco’s hometown in Texas) is now a bewildering and feverish mess of […]

Clear Water in Ecuador

Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. Today, the availability of water for drinking and other uses is a critical problem across the world. Lack of clean water is responsible for more deaths in the world than war. About 1 out of every 6 people living today […]