Meet the Community Technicians: (5) Hurlem Piaguaje

Hurlem PiaguajeName: Hurlem Piaguaje Age: 22 Nationality: Secoya Community: San Pablo de Catëtsiayá Role: Community technician Hurlem is one of the three young community technicians of ClearWater. Energetic and always smiling, Hurlem keeps everybody on their toes. His work has shown that he is a quick learner, and highly adaptable. He looks forward to the future where he hopes to become a senior community technician and work in other communities. He hopes that people will have better access to clean water then.
“I didn’t grow up in the time of Texaco, but I have heard many stories. That’s why I want to help my people”
When he is not working in the construction of rainwater catchment systems, Hurlem can be found at school where he teaches Spanish and Paicoca to the children of San Pablo. Hurlem is fascinated by technology; during the project Hurlem took some time to shoot a few scenes with the project’s camcorder. He is also saving money to buy a computer to mix music and D.J. *About the bios: These bios were transcribed and written by Adrian Schwartz: Adrian Schwartz is the ClearWater field assistant who is working closely with the community techncians to document their great work. Adrian is French Ecuadorian and is currently studying anthropology and mapping in the United States.