Meet the Community Technicians: (1) Armando Piaguaje

Armando PiaguajeName: Armando Piaguaje Age: 41 Nationality: Secoya Community: San Pablo Role: Secoya Project Coordinator Armando Piaguaje is the project coordinator of the Secoya community of San Pablo. Known for his strong communication and interpersonal skills, Armando has already worked on several projects for his community. Born in Peru, Armando moved to Ecuador at the age of 4 with his father and mother. They were among the first families to populate San Pablo. By the time he was 15, Armando was already living on his own. Today, at 41, he lives with his wife and children on the southern shore of the Aguarico River, a 5 minute boat ride from the center of San Pablo. A month into the project, Armando has proved to be a very reliable coordinator, diligently working with technicians, beneficiary families and working through the complex logistics that characterize this project.
“I am aware of my community, and I’m here to ensure that everything goes well with this project”
Like most Secoya people, Armando makes a living on agriculture. For years, Armando has dedicated his work to sustainable small scale logging of exotic woods, which provides a modest income for him and his family. In recent years, Armando has witnessed the decimation of his forest through an increase in illegal logging activities and the expansion of African palm monocultures and is a shining example of someone working hard to protect his territory and people. *About the bios: These bios were transcribed and written by Adrian Schwartz: Adrian Schwartz is the ClearWater field assistant who is working closely with the community techncians to document their great work. Adrian is French Ecuadorian and is currently studying anthropology and mapping in the United States.